Pyruvyl Glycine Review

Burn 48% more fat, lose 47% more weight, and offset those simple carbs (even without exercise) by using Pyruvyl Glycine!

Burn fat, lose weight, offset simple carbs with Pyruvyl Glycine

This spray (tastes like raspberry sweet tarts) will boost any type of workout to get faster results and is great for days when you eat too many carbs (just spray more). It does not stimulate heart rate or nervous system (only the Krebs cycle, which is muscle tissue), so you can spray and go to bed! Some call it the “carbohydrate cheat spray” since it helps the body keep its glucose levels down and you won’t have carb to fat conversion so quickly.

Pyruvyl Glycine spray stimulates the muscle fibers to burn glucose even without exercise; with exercise it gives greater fat burning along with glycogen. Since the quadriceps, hamstrings and gluteal muscles are large groupings, the Pyruvyl Glycine really makes a difference with and/or without exercise.

The Pyruvyl Glycine spray also contains L-Carnitine and HCA, which help boost the body during muscle activity to burn glycogen and fat. The HCA stimulates the body’s citric acid cycle and helps the body process carbs rather than convert them to fat. Pyruvyl Glycine is the amino acid version of pyruvate and clinically proven to be double effective… add the additional ingredients to the proprietary formula and you’ve got up to 7 times the effectiveness of regular pyruvate (with no stomach upset)!

This spray is for anyone who wants to gain endurance when they are working out. It is especially recommended for those beginning a workout program, since their body isn’t attuned to the extra expenditure of energy. However, experienced body builders also use Pyruvyl Glycine for endurance and to maintain their muscle cuts.

And since Pyruvyl Glycine is great during the holiday season to burn off those extra holiday party calories, it is recommended for all who eat! 😉

Order Pyruvyl Glycine today to maximize your workout and burn those extra calories.

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